Hey there, I am Rick Raymond founder of Health Fitness Hacks. Getting strong, fit and healthy can be easier than you think.

We are here to simplify all confusing, conflicting health and fitness advice for you into concise actionable steps that produce results.

Here at Health Fitness hacks, we tell you exactly what does work and what doesn’t work and what might be harmful.

First and foremost we find strategies proven by science. But we don’t stop there we keep on the lookout for new not yet proven ways to maximize health and fitness.

A good example of this is Dr. Terry Walls who reversed her own multiple sclerosis and wrote the book the walls protocol. She is conducting the studies for scientific proof but in the meantime, she is sharing what has helped her and helped many others.

That’s the kind of example I like us to follow at Health Fitness Hacks. So for everything we share with you, we will include.
1. What has been proven scientifically
2. What has been demonstrated anecdotally
3. The potential gains you can obtain
4. The potential risks
5. The financial cost.