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My Vision for this website is to discover and share The most impactful ways of improving your health, fitness, vitality; energy increased vital lifespan. My life's purpose is to be a passionate, giving, uplifting impactful teacher and creator. And my biggest passion is health. We live in the most exciting time in history. Every day new incredible discoveries to cure disease, increase lifespan, improve quality of life in every way are being discovered and the field is growing exponentially. We have CRISPR that allows us to remove defective genes forever even for your future generations. We have Brain organoids, repopulating Stem Cells. We have working prototypes of devices right out of science fiction shows like the Tricorder from Star Trek. My goal is to bring to you what works. Every day I read research papers but In the end, its results that matter whether it's been proved in the research yet or not. For example, I have come up with a host of supplements that taken together work extremely well to keep my blood sugar down and my C-reactive protein low. All of the supplements taken together have not been studied yet, but I dont care its results that matter. You will several types of articles on this site. Basic information articles that get to the bottom of the best supplement for a particular need or simple straightforward advice. Often these articles are written by other experts and they are quick actionable advice that will impact your health. We also have deep dives into leading-edge optimized health topics and results of my personal experiments and reviews of health books and diets.

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